About Atlas Headrest

The Atlas Headrest for the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is the only headrest recommended by Herman Miller for bid specs. We are also proud that Herman Miller has explicitly said out of all the available options, only our headrest does not void the warranty on your Aeron chair.

We’ve designed the only ergonomically correct headrest for the Aeron chair. Atlas helps Aeron do more of what it does best: Provide postural choice and comfort, from fully upright to reclined. Created by a development engineer who holds 17 patents with Herman Miller and a former Herman Miller designer who worked closely with Aeron designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick.

Atlas for Aeron is the brain child of Robert Beck and Dennis Foley. Research, design, development, and manufacturing of the headrest was done in a way that is consistent with everything they learned at Herman Miller. It was with deep respect to Herman Miller, Bill Stumph and Don Chadwick that they took on this endeavor. Atlas offers you an accessory that will invigorate your love affair with your Aeron, the world’s most successful task chair. Dennis Foley passed away in 2015 and his son, Andrew Foley, carries on his legacy in this business.

Dennis Foley

Dennis Foley learned about chair design from Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf. Before opening his own studio, he spent a dozen years managing design at Herman Miller, working with designers from around the world. Foley received his Industrial Design degree from The Ohio State University, and subsequently was the first person in North America to be awarded an advanced degree in Design Management.

He has post graduate studies in Ergonomics from Illinois Institute of Technology. He has designed more than 400 products in his career, including the first all-in-one Personal Computer for Heathkit, which is in the permanent collection of the Henry Ford Museum. His other accolades include the Gold Award for Task Seating at Neocon, the Good Design Award from the Chicago Aethenaeum, and the IDEA Award from the Industrial Design Society of America.

He is past Chair of the I.D.S.A., Emeritus Advisor to the Dean of the Graduate School at O.S.U., and Vice-President of the Holland Area Arts Council. He has taught Design at the Ohio State University and at Kendall College of Art & Design, and has lectured at Rhode Island School of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology, Hochschule für Bildende Künst and The Royal College of Art. Atlas is his latest effort.


Robert Beck

Robert Beck began his career in Chicago in 1965 as a Manufacturing Engineer, after receiving a degree in Industrial and Tool Engineering. He worked for industry leaders such as Stewart Warner, GTE/Sylvania and Motorola. This manufacturing foundation helped prepare him for a transition into product design and development.

In 1980, Robert joined Herman Miller as a Senior Project Engineer and spent the next 29 years working in the Product Design and Development Group, retiring as a Senior Program Manager in 2009. Over the years he was fortunate to work on major projects and was able to contribute and assign some 17 patents to Herman Miller. More importantly, he worked directly with major industrial designers during that period. Robert believes Herman Miller is clearly among the best of the best in terms of innovation; over a period of time that “DNA” became a part of him.

Andrew Foley

Andrew is Dennis’s youngest of three children. He holds two Bachelor’s degrees from The University of Michigan. One in Mathematics and one in Computer Science. He also possesses a Master’s degree in Business Administration from The Ross School of Business at The University of Michigan. Andrew grew up surrounded by interesting furniture and he is still quite fond of his inscribed Eames rocking chair that he received as a gift from Herman Miller when he was born.

Andrew is an entrepreneur to the core and has spent the majority of his time working for or founding startup companies.

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