Perfect solution, very glad I read the negative reviews for competitive products, this is the right headrest for the Aeron chair. First, the customer service is outstanding, I asked them a question from email on the website, they replied within 30 minutes. As soon as I ordered, at 7 pm that night, they sent me a personal email & told me that it would ship ASAP the next morning & it did ship as promised. Now, the headrest: it took me less than 5 minutes to install and I love the way it adjusts to my sitting style. This is very important because I need the headrest to perform differently when I'm reclining than when I'm sitting at the keyboard like I am now writing this review. Because the headrest uses resistance form of adjustment mechanism, I can simply adjust the headrest while pushing back with extra pressure with my head or hands and easily move it up or down at will. My concern about this type of adjustment when I purchased it was that it wouldn't stay firmly in one place when I didn't want it to move. My concerns have been more than satisfied. The headrest stays exactly where I put it and can be adjusted simply without standing up or using tools, when I want to change it. This by far the best aftermarket product I have ever purchased for any item that I own.It works perfectly for my needs, it's comfortable and it's a high quality item just like my Aeron chair. I went to the manufacturers website and it appears to be true that the owners/designers of this product are former designers for Herman Miller and were mentored by the designer of the Aeron chair. If you want a headrest for your Aeron, buy this one, it's a no-brainer.

John Crainer

Easy to install. Very adjustable. Feels great!

Peter D.

This is by far the best headrest on the market for the Aeron chair. It looks like it has come out of the same mold as the Aeron and is extremely easy to install and adjust. The Atlas's cushion headrest is extremely comfortable and much better than the mesh headrest's of its competitors. The fact that the Atlas's designers used to work for Herman Miller is evident in the look and design of this product. Customer support is also extremely good. An Aeron chair is not complete without an Atlas Headrest.

Igor V. Kaplansky, DDS

Great addition to my Aeron chair. Not sure why they didn't design it with headrest to begin with. It may be not very "ergonomic", but once in a while it feels great to kick your feet up, put your head on the headrest and recline all the way.

Matt Garrett

It's a very comfortable headrest that is easy to position. The colors match my Aeron chair perfectly. The design is attractive and modern, like the chair.


Been using the headrest for about a month with an Aeron size B chair. I have to say it is exactly what you would want in a headrest. Installation is a breeze. The headrest is sturdy, isn't going to fall off the chair. There is tilt adjustment, vertical adjustment, and horizontal adjustment to get placement perfect. Best of all, you can easily move the headrest back and out of the way when you don't want it. Or adjust it to support your neck when you do want it. Herman Miller should have had this headrest as an option from the very start. Thank you Atlas Headrest! Only complaint I could see someone making is the visual style. The headrest would match the chair better if it was a similar styled mesh as the chair backing. However, this probably wouldn't look so good wrapped around the soft cushion. You want the cushioning the headrest has, it is quite comfortable.

Mr. News

Revive my head rest quickly. Really a great addition to my Herman Miller Aeron Chair. It made a great chair better. My brother has HM Aeron chair, I like it so much I sent him one as gift. Looking forward to hearing from him after receive it. Know he going to like it.

Melvin R. Hoagland

I'm a long-time product designer and I'm pleased to say that this might be the best-designed and best-executed aftermarket product I've ever bought - it has the appearance and feel of a factory-supplied option. The materials are a perfect match to the original Aeron components, even down to the color and hair cell texture on the molded parts. It has a quirkiness to its design that is right in line with the quirkiness of the Aeron chair itself and operates with the same level of precision, comfort and competence (I'm sure this is a testament to the pedigree of the company founders, who, among many other accolades, are both veterans of Herman Miller - check out the Atlas website.) An Aeron chair without an Atlas headrest is incomplete. December 3, 2014 - as a follow-up: three points. First, I have no affiliation with the makers of the Atlas headrest - the glowing review above is genuine 😉 Second, the company's customer service is excellent. My headrest needed a minor internal adjustment (the top portion swiveled TOO easily for my sensitive needs) and I emailed the company from their website. Turns out the adjustment I wanted to make was not something that could be done at the customer level - it was supposed to leave the factory with a slightly greater tension already dialed in. One of the company partners emailed me immediately and then called me before I had a chance to respond to the email, to find out more. He sent a brand new headrest to me right away with a pre-paid return label to send the original back. The headrest is now even better than perfect 😉 Third, one of the other reviewers commented that the only drawback of the Atlas headrest was that it wasn't covered with the same material as the seat and back of the chair (like the competition does.) Frankly, this is one of my favorite features of the Atlas - have you tried rubbing your head on the Aeron back? Try it, and once you cut your hair free, I think you'll agree that the Aeron mesh is the wrong material to rest your head on. Thanks!

Brandon Middleton

Herman Miller should sell this with the chair. Everything about it is as high quality as the chair itself. The engineering is incredible in its simplicity. Installation takes less than a minute and all tools are included. The range of adjustment is so vast, it's pretty much impossible not to find the perfect spot. The fabric and foam are exquisite. The only negative is I've now fallen asleep in this chair for the first time in twelve years of ownership. My intentions were not to create a comfy napping spot in the office, but that's what I've done. I recommend this 100%.

Lane Roathe

Very comfortable, easy to adjust height and extension, tilts to match your neck and position. Installation was quick and looks like it belongs on the chair. Atlas created the perfect match for the Aeron chair.

Kevin Dillon

Does exactly what it is supposed to. Clamps onto the chair and provides support for your neck. This product is significantly better than the vendor gear headrest which I also own. The adjustment support is better, it clamps to the chair better, the material is more comfortable and it's wider which allows you to wear headphones while leaning back. Overall if you're looking for a headrest for the Aeron I definitely recommend this.


This is the perfect addition to my home office! I thought I had it all with the Aeron. This is a must have!


If you are thinking of getting a head rest for the Aeron, get this one instead of the VendorGear. I have tried both of them. While the VendorGear looks very fitting to the Aeron due to the mesh material, I find this Atlas headrest just definitively above the VendorGear in terms of comfort. If you are choosing a headrest for your Aeron, this one is a no brainer. In fact, I think it should come with every Aeron chair. This is a new product hence the lack of reviews on Amazon, but don't let that hold you back. I hesitated initially too due to the lack of information, but pulled the trigger after seeing that the makers used to be Herman Miller designers. First a comparison on the material. It is made of foam, while the VendorGear is made of mesh. While the mesh matches closely with that on the Aeron (not exactly same mesh; the wholes are bigger on the VendorGear and it seems to be of cheaper quality), I believe foam wins hands down in comfort, at least for a headrest. The reason is that to hold the mesh in place, VendorGear has strong frames. That severely limits the movement of your head: you head can only stay in one spot on the VendorGear. On this Atlas headrest, your head can comfortably move in different positions. Second, the range of movements. One big problem I had with VendorGear is that it is hard to adjust it to a spot that feels comfortable to me. There are three joints on the VendorGear that you can move, none of them are simple vertical / horizontal adjustments. If I want it to support my neck rather than my head, it protrudes forward into my neck even in the most far back position it could get. You can make three adjustments on the Atlas: up / down, forward / backward, and tilt of the headrest. It is extremely simple and allows a much wider range of motion than the VendorGear. Atlas is made by two ex-designers from Herman Miller, and I think the ergonomics and quality really reflects that.


I love the ease of adjustment. Feels like high quality. It installed in less than a minute. Comfortable! Now I can take a power nap. Ahhhhhh!